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GIS for Government

Event Date: 24, Nov, 2017
Event Time: 08:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: Oakar Services, KUSCCO Centre, Mezzanine Floor, Kilimanjaro Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi

The seminar on GIS Government is among the series of monthly technology awareness seminars conducted by Oakar Services Ltd to create awareness of the cutting-edge solutions available in today’s geospatial technology marketplace. GIS and Remote Sensing software provides the tools to unlock and reveal meaningful patterns in geospatial data and offer the intelligence support. Participants learn how to capture, manage, analyze, and display geographically referenced information for better management of data and the many complex relationships behind it. During this seminar, we highlight how departments dealing with defence as well as national security and intelligence can use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing technologies to unlock and reveal meaningful patterns in geospatial data – towards providing the intelligence support needed for successful security and defence related operations.

The seminar showcases high-end solutions for crowdsourcing intelligence information, virtual GIS for intervisibility and threat analysis, and practical demonstrations on GPS and techniques for full motion video exploration which not only detect and assess threats, but also enable the execution of effective and timely responses.

Who should attend the Seminar?

  • Government institutions dealing with elections, revenue collection, disaster management, socio-economic research, and policy formulation;
  • National Mapping Agencies;
  • Key personnel dealing with Land Administration and Urban & Regional Planning; and
  • Representatives of County Government departments dealing with policy and planning.

Seminar Registration

Registration and participation in this event is free.  To register for the seminar, please contact marketing@osl.co.ke or Simon via sochieng@osl.co.ke by 8th Sept., 2017.

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