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ERDAS Apollo

Automate geospatial data discovery and cataloguing, optimize image storage, and accelerate delivery

ERDAS APOLLO is an enterprise-class, comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system enabling an organization to catalog, search, discover, process, and securely disseminate massive volumes of both file-based and web-enabled data.

Key features and functionalities of this tier include;

  • Performance – Apollo essentials is the fastest geospatial image and LIDAR server in the world capable of delivering terabyte sized image and point cloud data with a single server faster regardless of the bandwidth or network latency to users.
  • Enhanced Compression Wavelet Protocol (ECWP) Image Streaming Protocol – Deliver imagery and LIDAR to thousands of users via high performance ECWP (streaming protocol) or OGC WMTS tiled delivery
  • GIS Integration – Easily integrate with third-party GIS software Desktop geospatial applications such as ERDAS IMAGINE®, Geomedia®, ESRI ArcGIS® for Desktop, Pitney Bowes MapInfo®, Autodesk AutoCAD®, PCITM, ER MAPPERTM, Microsoft® Office, GE SmallworldTM, Bentley® MicroStation, and moreWeb client software simultaneously integrates data from GIS servers like MapXtreme®, ArcIMS®, ArcGIS® Server, Autodesk MapGuide®
  • OGC Services Compliant – Leverage common industry standards for deployment including OGC WMS, OGC WMTS, Esri Geoservices, KML, JPIP.
  • Administration – Powerful, flexible, and straightforward administration console useful for adding imagery datasets, defining protocols/access levels, remote server administration and image visualization.
  • Online Image Processing Support – Utilize ER Mapper algorithms for on-the-fly geoprocessing. Dynamically portray imagery in multiple ways, complex formulas, resolution merge, band selection, band algebra are all supported via ERMapper Algorithm files. Users also have the ability to aggregate thousands of datasets together as a single seamless layer using Virtual mosaic and Aggregate concepts.

For more details, Download ERDAS APOLLO Brochure


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