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Technical Support

We offer different levels of technical support, all of which provide dependable and timely resolution of technical inquiries. Clients can access our support program can contact us through the telephone or by submitting support requests through email. Our dedicated team of support staff are professionally trained and focused on delivering high level customer support.

 Levels of Support

Support is available during normal business hours (8.30am to 5.30pm) and is provided through:

Support Visits: This provides a single point of interface with our clients in addressing support issues. Support visits help in the timely resolution process. Support visits’ key responsibility is to provide a face.

Online Support: Through internet and web based applications, we are able to log on to a clients computer and troubleshoot the problem remotely from our offices. This saves on the time required to travel to a client site or resolution through emails which require continuous E-mail responses.

Telephone Support: Clients can call in and will be assisted by our support team to solve an issue.

Email Support: Clients can send technical support queries through E-mail. Our support engineers will respond via Email providing step by step solutions that would resolve the technical support query.

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