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Products and Services

The solutions that we offer include:

Consulting Services: Our experienced consulting staff provide services to support GIS implementation ensuring that we cater for specific needs such as: strategic planning,requirements definition and user needs assessment.

Data Capture: Our data capture services cover all stages from spatial data collection, management and analysis to the production and dissemination of the various outputs.

Database Development: We maintain spatial databases that support prototyping and high-volume production of urban, regional, natural resource, business and utility databases.

Map Production Services: We offer imaginative and innovative custom map production services to clients in need of high quality digital maps for websites, publications or for promotional purposes.

Enterprise GIS Services: With GIS technology fast becoming one of the nerve centers of business enterprises, we offer the following enterprise services: Installation, configuration and performance tuning; Development of versatile geo-databases; and the development of geo-information portals for one-stop gathering, integration, and dissemination of geospatial information.

Topographic & Engineering Survey Services: Our Surveying division works with Architects, Consulting Engineers, Local Authorities and government to deliver major road and construction projects. The main tasks of this division entail: Establishment of survey control points; assessment of the coordinate system and the determination of transformation parameters from existing coordinate systems to UTM; Survey work, field data collection using modern survey equipment like GPS, total stations and establishment of ground control points for photogrammetric work; Topographical mapping; and Survey consultancy services in various road and dam construction projects.

Sales & Support: Oakar Services is Hexagon Geospatial’s distributor for GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry products in the Eastern African region. Hexagon Geospatial provides integrated products for GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and geospatial data management and delivery. In addition we distribute GNSS & Optical Solutions from Trimble (Spectra Precision) as well as GIS solution for utilities i.e. ArcFM UT (Utility Application). To complement these technologies, we supply high-resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe, Airbus and Planet that augments our role as a data provider.

Training: We are aware that every organization has a unique group of individuals with a range of learning styles and educational needs. As a result, we offer a variety of training programs that cover topics related to GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and Digital Photogrammetry.

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