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Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: To be the foremost company in Africa delivering cutting-edge geospatial consultancy services and customised professional training.

Mission: To provide GIS, Remote Sensing, and other related geospatial consultancy services including tools for the most suitable solutions in modelling, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, and managing projects and resources across geographical space.

To deliver on our Mission and progress towards the Vision, we:

  • provide the most suitable and cost-effective GIS & Remote Sensing software tools;
  • teach the effective and efficient use of these tools by using a variety of training methods and materials, customized to the needs of the client;
  • support the growth of the GIS industry by offering a wide range of technical services and advice for the development of geographic databases and integrated GIS applications;
  • innovatively apply GIS & Remote Sensing in all sectors of the economy to deliver integrated and cutting-edge spatial solutions to clients, who may be decision-makers in government and private sector, professionals, or citizens at large;
  • carry out internal capacity development and support industrial attachment; and
  • continuously research on emerging knowledge and technology frontiers and network extensively to remain current and competitive.


  • We work together as a team
  • We value and respect each other
  • We drive innovation and discovery
  • We are committed to achieving excellent results.

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