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Airbus Imagery FAQ

Airbus Imagery Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What Products are available from ADS?

Airbus Defense and Space provides satellite imagery, Elevation products and Basemaps. These are listed below: 


Specific Product

Satellite Imagery


Pléiades Imagery– 50-cm resolution, colour, orthorectified imagery. Pléiades products are ideally suited to precision mapping and photointerpretation.

SPOT 1 to 5 imagery – SPOT 1 through to SPOT 5 contains images at resolutions of 20 to 2.5 metres.

SPOT 6 and 7 imagery        – These offer 1.5-metre-resolution natural-colour, orthorectified imagery. With a location accuracy better than 10 metres (CE90) and a resolution of 1.5 metres, SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 are the ideal solution for national 1:25 000 map series.

TerraSAR-X radar imageryTerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X dependably acquire high-resolution and wide-area radar images independent of the weather conditions.

Kazeosat1 Imagery -KazEOSat-1, is a very high-resolution (1 metre) satellite that provides high quality mono and stereo monitoring. It has 5 spectral bands: Panchromatic (PAN) – 1 band, Multispectral (MS) – 4 bands: Blue, Green, Red and Near-Infrared and a Spatial resolution: PAN: 1m, MS: 4m.



SPOTMaps SPOTMaps products provide nationwide or regional seamless coverage, orthorectified, derived from colour imagery acquired by SPOT 5, 6 & and soon SPOT  7 at resolutions of 2.5 and 1.5 metres.

One Atlas – Basemap covering the whole world at 1.5m resolution and 0.5m resolution for major urban cities. The images are refreshed annually but with options for quarterly
updates where desired.

Elevation Products


Very High Resolution Elevation Data

Elevation1 – delivers highly detailed elevation information specifically optimised for hydrological application and oil / mineral exploration.

Elevation4 – delivers precise foundation data particularly suited for 3D mapping of dense urban areas or relief in steep terrain.

High Resolution Elevation Data

Elevation8 – provides an optimised fit for the needs of mapping or oil & gas applications, particularly when large-area coverage is required.

Elevation10 – delivers weather-independent, reliable and fast data acquisition for mapping, mission planning and terrain analysis anywhere in the world.

WorldDEM– is the global elevation dataset of unprecedented quality, accuracy and coverage.

Medium Resolution Elevation Data

Elevation30 – unique 3D geographic reference database covering greater than 80 million km².

Monitoring Services

GO Monitor for Monitoring Services – it delivers reliable and timely surveillance products with guaranteed revisit capacities. Automatic e-mail alerts are sent, informing of their availability, through 24/7 secure web access.

2. Does ADS have sample data available for my area of interest?

Sample imagery is not available for each Area of Interest. Sample imagery is available for each  product and satellite and can be  downloaded at http://geostore.astrium-geo.com/en/23-sample-imagery

3. In what formats are ADS imagery products delivered?

Pleiades and SPOT6 &7 imagery is delivered in DIMAP v2 format that contains either GeoTIFF or JPEG 2000 image file.  For SPOT 1 to SPOT 5 file, the delivery format is DIMAP which contains GeoTIFF image file. SPOTMaps are available in GeoTIFF.

4. In what projection and datum are imagery products delivered?

The imagery products are delivered in all common projections for example the Universal Transverse Mercator. The imagery products are also delivered in different datums includingWGS84 and Arc1960.

5. How do I place an order for Imagery products?

An order is placed through the distributor, Oakar Services Ltd. Contact us at sales@osl.co.ke. The order is facilitated by an Area of Interest specified by the client, the years/months of interest and the intended use of the imagery.

For new imagery, the client chooses the type of tasking and the same is ordered by contacting Oakar Services Ltd.

6. I want a narrow corridor collected. Can you do that?

Corridors must be at least 5km in width in order to be collected. The minimum order size for archive imagery is 100 sq.km while the minimum order size for new imagery is 500 sq.km for SPOT 6 and 7 imagery.

For the High resolution Pleiades imagery, the minimum order size is 25 sq.km for archive imagery and 100 sq.km for new imagery.

7. How long will it take to receive the imagery?

Archive imagery is usually shipped within 10 working days. Much of the delivery time depends on the product and where the area of interest is located.

For new collection, the use of One Tasking is applied. One Tasking comes in 4 different options. For new collection orders, it depends with the tasking option utilized. The different tasking options include:

  • Pléiades OneDay – Choose your acquisition day
  • Pléiades OneNow – Access useful information in an instant
  • Pléiades OnePlan – Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe
  • Pléiades OneSeries – Get coverage on a regular basis

8. Do you store the images in your offices?

No. Archive imagery is stored with the Partner ADS, in their servers. Once you place an order, the imagery is delivered to us then we deliver it to the customer.

9. If I would like to monitor changes in an urban area, which kind of imagery should I use?

Pleiades high resolution imagery would be best suited for this work because at 0.5m spatial resolution, you can be able to notice changes in objects which are 0.5m or bigger.

10. What is WorldDEM and what is the accuracy of this Elevation Product?

WorldDEM is an elevation product with a complete pole-to-pole coverage. It has an accuracy of 2m (relative) / 4m (absolute) vertical accuracy in a 12m x 12m Ground sampling distance. Digital Surface Models and Terrain Models available off the shelf.

Typical applications of this elevation product include: Satellite image orthorectification, Military and Civil aviation, Management of Oil and Gas fields as well as Defence and Security related missions.

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