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Hexagon Geospatial FAQ

1. What is Hexagon Geospatial?

Hexagon Geospatial is a leading global provider of information technologies that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and industrial enterprise applications.

2. What products does Hexagon Geospatial provide?

Hexagon Geospatial technology provides you the platform to design, develop, and deliver solutions that solve complex, real-world challenges. The products are grouped into the Power portfolio and the M.App Portfolio.

3. What is the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio?

The Power Portfolio organizes Hexagon Geospatial products into suites, combining the best photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and cartography technologies available. The Producer, Provider, & Platform suites contain the globally-recognized products that you rely on every day.

4. What is the Hexagon Geospatial M.App Portfolio?

This is a modern cloud- based platform for building and using progressive geospatial applications. It gives users the ability to design, build, and deploy their own Hexagon Smart M.Apps, using core technologies.

5. What industries do the Hexagon Geospatial products provide solutions for?

Hexagon Geospatial products complement a variety of different industries including: Agriculture; Asset Management; Conservation; National Mapping Agencies; Mining; Local Governments; Utilities; Infrastructure; and Health

6. What products are included in the Producer Suite?

This suite includes Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry offerings i.e. ERDAS IMAGINE; GeoMedia; IMAGINE Photogrammetry (LPS); and IMAGE Station

7. What products are included in the Provider Suite?

Provider Suite products enable you to organize all of your geospatial and business data into one centralized library, and deliver it to others easily. Powerful compression technology which optimize disk space requirements and ultimately reduce your total cost of ownership, are included in this suite as well. The products are: ERDAS Apollo and GeoCompressor.

8. What products are included in the Platform Suite?

Platform Suite has products that enable you to deliver information through a web, mobile, or smart solution. They include: Geomedia Smart Client; Geomedia Webmap; Geospatial Portal; Geospatial SDI; Mobile Alert; and Mobile Mapworks.

9. If I acquire a Hexagon Geospatial software, how will I ensure that I have the most up-to-date version of my software?

Hexagon Geospatial offers a software maintenance program on a yearly subscription basis. By being current on software maintenance, you will be entitled to automatic software upgrades and technical support.

10. How do I place an order for Hexagon Geospatial products?

To place an order, please contact us on sales@osl.co.ke  or phone at +254 20 2715276 for a formal quotation on any of our products.



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