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Global Mapper FAQ

1. What is Global Mapper?

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users.

2. What can you achieve with Global Mapper?

Global Mapper has virtually everything you need in a GIS including:

  • Complete interoperability with exceptional data support;
  • Powerful data processing in an intuitive interface;
  • Straightforward installation and setup; and
  • Unlimited technical support.

3. What Operating System does Global Mapper operate in?

The Global Mapper desktop application is developed for use on a Windows PC. Depending on what processes and tools are used in the application, Global Mapper users who run the application on a machine with macOS may enjoy greater application stability using Apple’s Boot Camp for Windows, which runs Windows as the native operating system.

4. What are the available modules for Global Mapper?

The modules are:

Product Licenses
Global Mapper SU (Node Locked) License is written to a single computer.
Global Mapper (SU) Floating license It is written to a single computer at a time. A re-authorization is only allowed if software removal verification can be provided.
Global Mapper Network License The software on a network server or machine, making it possible to check out seats when using the software.
Global Mapper Mobile Pro License is assigned to a single device.
Global Mapper USB Dongle License It allows for movement of the Global Mapper licenses between machines without network connections or additional license files.


5. Does Global Mapper offer free trial license?

Yes. When you start the application, it will open a registration dialogue. You can select the last option to ‘Request a 2-Week Trial License‘ to automatically activate via the internet, or use the form to send in an email with the necessary information to receive a license via email.

6. Do you offer an academic/student discount for Global Mapper?

Yes, we do offer a discount to academic instructions and those that are verifiably students who will not be using Global Mapper for commercial purposes.

7. Is it possible to use Global Mapper on remote desktop?

It is possible to use a network license to access Global Mapper via remote desktop. Contact support@osl.co.ke for more details.

8. What are the restrictions on how I may use new data created with Global Mapper?

There are no limitations or copyright restrictions on new data files created by Global Mapper other than those imposed by the original provider of the data used to create the new files. You are free to use any derivative data products created with Global Mapper for any purpose, both commercial and non-commercial, without the need to reference Global Mapper or obtain permission from Global Mapper Software LLC.

9. Is it possible to move Global Mapper license from one computer to another?

It is possible to move a single user license from one machine to another, you will need to go through a license removal verification process on the old machine to free up an activation against your order before you can license another machine.

10. What is the difference between Global Mapper Pro and Global Mapper?

Global Mapper Pro is the next step in Global Mapper development that includes all the versatility and interoperability of the base software, and incorporates exciting new and improved tools for more advanced analysis. While Global Mapper alone will still be available, the Pro version will replace the Lidar Module.

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