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  1. Who is KQ GEO?

Wuhan KQ GEO instrument company is the branch of Beijing KQ technologies company. KQGEO integrates research and development of software and hardware.


  1. What products are offered by KQ GEO Instruments?

Is mainly responsible for the design, development, production and marketing of all types of GNSS/ GIS products and UAV/ INS products.


  1. Is it possible to have a demonstration of the equipment before I purchase?

Yes, we usually carry out a demonstration of the desired equipment at our offices or at the client site.


  1. What after-sales services are offered after the purchase of KQ GEO equipment?

The following are the after-sales services offered;

  • Installation and configuration: We perform hardware configuration, software installation and licensing once we deliver the equipment to the client. We also provide a detailed description manual regarding installation, configuration and licensing of the software delivered to the client.
  • We offer product training on the hardware and software; the training is designed to help users familiarize themselves with the product acquired.
  • Technical support: We provide technical support whenever any problem regarding the usage of both the software and hardware or functionality hitch arises. We take responsibility for any manufacturer faults that arise within the warranty period. We provide technical support through email, telephone support or client visits. Upon warranty expiration, we provide similar technical support but at negotiated rates.
  • Software and Hardware Maintenance: We provide hardware and software upgrades that include new modules released and reconfiguration during the warranty period. We also provide similar hardware and software maintenance upon warranty expiry but at an agreed cost.


  1. What type of GNSS equipment are offered by KQ GEO Instruments?

KQ GEO offers a wide range of multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS receivers that provides you with extended scalability and versatility for any type of GIS or surveying job.


  1. Can KQ GEO GNSS receivers be used with a Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)

KQ GEO offers bundled solutions for use with a CORS. This includes a GNSS receiver, data logger, processing software, accessories and training.


  1. Why should you buy from Oakar Services?
  • KQ GEO is an affordable GNSS receiver;
  • OSL has immense experience having been in the industry for over 20 years;
  • We offer Excellent Technical Support;
  • We have an Extended Equipment Warranty; and
  • We offer Excellent Training Opportunities.

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