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Smart M.App FAQ

1. What is Hexagon Smart M.App?

Hexagon Smart M.App are simple, dynamic, lightweight, interactive map applications that quickly and intuitively merge location and statistics, backed by real-time data and available in form of simple apps targeted to solve a unique business problem.

2. How does Smart M.App keep geospatial data secure and accessible?

M.App Chest is a cloud based geospatial data hosting allows for data upload, storage and dissemination through the cloud which makes it accessible anywhere and distributed securely via web services. Moreover, it compresses the data hence saving on storage space.

3. Which are the available data and image formats that one can use with Smart M.App?

Smart M.App support a wide range of data formats, these include; raster data, GeoJSON for vector datasets and WFS.

4. How many Mobile Platform does the Hexagon Smart M.App support?

Currently Hexagon Smart M.Apps only run on browser. Development to enable compatibility on Mobile devices is underway.

5. Do you require any programming skills to develop a Smart M.App?

No, anybody with or without programming skills can develop Smart M.App. M.App Enterprise provides all the necessary required tools to develop a M.App and within it, M.App Studio; an interactive web-based Hexagon Geospatial workroom for designing, building and publishing Smart M.Apps allows for dragging, dropping and joining tools to develop recipes/workflows.

6. What is M.App X?

M.App X is an enterprise geospatial intelligence solution for System Integrators that provide tools for the exploration of imagery and creation of intelligence and reports.

7. What are the different levels of licenses that a user can acquire?

Hexagon Geospatial Smart M.App licensing is cloud subscription based. On premise deployment (M.App Enterprise) is priced on subscription( based on usage or annually) or permanent license. For Educational Institutions the Smart M.Apps is available on cloud subscription for classroom or department level

 8. Are workflows or recipes entirely based on direct M.App Chest database connections in M.App Studio or it is also possible to use OGC WFS for workflows?

Smart M.App can consume WMS, WFS and WMTS services directly on the M.App Chest database side, GeoMedia and ERDAS Imagine or on the server side together with WebMap. However, if you want to use those data sources in workflows, they must be uploaded to the database where the data are stored.

9. Do Hexagon Geospatial Smart M.App provide licenses for Education?

Yes, Hexagon Geospatial has Smart M.Apps for Education programs granted to classroom, department and research grant to student with active .edu email addresses. The licenses are granted on annual subscriptions basis to M.App Studio, M.App Chest, M.App Reader and it include kick-off webcasts and monthly webinars.

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