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  1. What is UT for ArcGIS?

UT for ArcGIS is the new generation of GIS product suite designed for the utility industry. It combines well-founded process and industry know-how with the power of GIS technology. It covers the needs for mobile use of geo data, web solutions, high-end editing comfort in a desktop environment, planning solutions and integration.

  1. Who is UT for ArcGIS designed for?

The ideal users for UT for ArcGIS are small to large multi-utility companies providing electricity, water, wastewater, heating, and telecommunication services. The solution is also ideal for local authorities in managing public assets.

  1. What is UT for ArcGIS used for?

UT for ArcGIS is a complete product suite for collecting, documenting, planning, controlling and monitoring asset data. It improves utility response time through the integration of IT systems to hasten business operations.

  1. Can one install UT without running it on ArcGIS?

No. UT for ArcGIS is based on ESRI’s ArcGIS Technology. It builds on ESRI ArcGIS by providing utility-specific tools and workflows.

  1. What are some of the extensions available in UT for ArcGIS Product?
    1. Network Planning and Calculation – For planning engineers to create projects and scenarios, and evaluate the technical and financial feasibility of the scenarios.
    2. Click-Before-You-Dig – Provides information about the position of underground utility supply lines for construction companies that plan to excavate in a given area.
    3. Generalization and Schematics – An interactive tool that automates the process of map generalization and the creation of an orthogonal schema of the network.
    4. High-Precision Plotting – Creates exact, to-scale and vector-based plots. Templates can be created to be accessed by users via desktop, smart desktop or web.
    5. Data Quality Management – is an extensible, rule-based test tool that provides an easy way to implement quality control strategies.
  2. What are the product modules for UT?

UT has the following product modules:

Module Functionality
UT Base Has basic components such as Catalog Services for system parameterization, Base Map Tools, Dimensioning and Construction, Network Topology Tools, Plot and Presentation Management.
UT  Editor Complete solution for capturing, processing, data analysis and presentation of graphic and attribute data, relating to objects in a utility network. UT Editor is based on the ArcEditor by ESRI.
UT View Covers all branches and provides analysis and presentation capabilities for graphic and attribute data, with no editing or modification capabilities.
UT Integrator Allows integration of UT solutions with existing systems like; ERP Systems, Network Calculation Systems, Network Operation Systems, SAP, SCADA, Billing systems, etc.
UT Asset Manager Smart desktop application for powerful attribute data editing and network viewing, which is optimized for tasks such as network tracing, processing bulk data, address administration, template processing and basic map functions.
UT Mobile Consists of mobile workflows integrated in the product for installation in mobile GPS devices, and which allows users to take data with them and replace paper plans with a powerful electronic information system.
UT Web Enables users to distribute their data easily to all employees via the Internet and is based on ArcGIS Server technologies


  1. How does UT facilitate spatial data security and integrity?

UT provides controlled access both at the database level and application level. Advanced versioning and work management features facilitate multi-user editing and work order management.

  1. Can UT be used to track asset movement from one place to another?

UT’s component, the UT Integrator, integrates UT with monitoring systems such as SCADA. In addition, UT can be incorporated with ESRI’s GeoEvent Server to provide real-time asset monitoring and management through Internet of Things (IoT).


  1. Is demo data availed together with the software package?

Yes. Demo data comes with the software package and it provides a basis for working with UT for ArcGIS.

  1. Is technical support available once I purchase UT?

Oakar Services has a committed technical support team dedicated to troubleshooting and resolving any software and data issues.

  1. Do Oakar Services offer training on UT?

Yes. Oakar Services has courses on UT Functionality, UT Administration, among others. These courses provide both fundamental and advanced concepts of creating, modifying and working with asset data in UT. Contact training@osl.co.kefor more information.

  1. What does the training cover?

Training is done in two parts; The UT for ArcGIS Functionality course covers System architecture; Data presentation, editing and querying; Creating, editing and tracing network objects; Construction & dimensioning; Plant schematics; and Mass data processing. While the UT for ArcGIS Administration covers: Feature and object classes; Object manager; Presentation; Networks; Reporting; Configuration; User and group administration; and Session Manager.

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