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Utility Manager FAQ

  1. What is Utility Manager?

The Utility Manager (UM) is an end-to-end geospatial solution that simplifies utility business operations by improving efficiency through automation.

  1. Which database and data types can Utility Manager handle?

Utility Manager can consume data from database management systems such as Oracle Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. In addition, Utility Manager can handle individual data formats such as shapefiles, CSV, Excel, KML, GeoJSON, and OGC standard formats.

  1. Can Utility Manager, as a GIS, integrate with other information systems such as CRM?

Utility Manager is an enterprise GIS solution and integration is a key feature. Utility Manager is highly extensible and can be integrated with CRM, ERP, Billing systems.

  1. Does Utility Manager support field data collection?

Utility Manager comes with a customized mobile application for field data collection. The app is synchronized with the database for fast and effective data transfer with the web client. The mobile app also includes incident-reporting capabilities by the public.

  1. Can the Utility Manager run on any smart device?

Yes. Utility Manager is a portable network management solution. It works on any device that supports HTML5. You can edit, update and analyze your network assets on the go.

  1. What are the spatial and business analytics done by the Utility Manager solution?

Utility Manager has various spatial data visualization techniques such as heat maps, point density maps, etc. It has business intelligence charts to represent critical information such as revenue collection, billing status, and payment history of individual customers. The dashboard is highly customizable to provide intelligence on any other attributes of your data.

  1. How is Utility Manager hosted?

Utility Manager can be deployed on-premise or be accessed as Software as a Service (SAAS) giving the utility hosting options in accordance with its IT Procedures and Policies.

  1. Can Utility Manager handle additional data/assets after deployment?

Yes. Utility Manager is a scalable and integrated geospatial system capable of handling additional data and serving it with less or no architectural changes.

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