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Utility Manager

What is Utility Manager?

Utility Manager is a comprehensive web-based solution for planning, management and operations of vast and sprawling assets through delivering business intelligence.

Is Utility Manager a software or hardware?

Utility Manager is neither a software nor hardware. It is a cloud-based application that runs on devices such as Smartphone, Tablet, and Monitors etc.

Which data sources can be consumed by the Utility Manager?

Utility Manager is able to integrate data from most enterprise-based database management systems such as MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle Server, including personal and file geodatabases. In addition, Utility Manager can consume individual data formats such as Shapefiles, CSV, Excel, KML, GeoJSON among others.

I want to integrate Utility Manager with my existing billing system. Is it possible with Utility Manager?

Yes. It is possible. Utility Manager is easily customizable and can be integrated with a billing system to provide seamless water utility operations.

How does Utility Manager handle field data collection?

Efficiently. With Utility Manager, data collected by field technicians is automatically synchronized in the database, and update on the dashboard. Executive staff can monitor field operations from the comfort of the desk.

Can the Utility Manager run on any smart device?

Yes. Utility Manager is a portable network management system. It works on any device that supports HTML5. You can edit, update and analyze your network assets on-the-go.

What are some of the business intelligence analytics the Utility Manager can provide?

Utility Manager is able to provide business intelligence charts to display critical information such as projected revenue, water consumption history, collected revenue and payment history of individual clients or customers. The dashboard is also customizable to provide intelligence on other attributes of your data.

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