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Hexagon Geospatial Unveils GeoMedia 2023 Update 1

Oakar Services is excited to announce the global release of GeoMedia 2023 Update 1 by Hexagon Geospatial’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division. This update brings enhancements to all three tiers of GeoMedia Desktop, as well as GeoMedia Objects and GeoMedia Viewer. GeoMedia is renowned for its powerful and flexible GIS management platform, allowing users to aggregate data from various sources and analyze it cohesively to derive actionable insights. With this update, users can expect improvements to GeoMedia 2023’s 3D capabilities, usability enhancements based on customer feedback, and the resolution of numerous customer-reported issues, all aimed at enhancing the user experience. Notable enhancements include the ability to insert surface files for better visualization of 3D data, keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to frequently used functions, drag-and-drop functionality for CAD and coordinate system files, and enhancements to the Export to Shapefile feature. This update reaffirms Hexagon Geospatial’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for geospatial professionals. Updates can be downloaded from the support site, and no new license is required for installation.

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