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Introducing WorldView Legion, Maxar’s latest fleet of next-generation satellites

Oakar Services Ltd. is thrilled to announce the release of Maxar’s ground-breaking WorldView Legion, a fleet comprising six next-generation satellites that promise to revolutionize satellite imaging capabilities. These cutting-edge satellites will significantly enhance the volume and quality of data collection over critical areas worldwide, facilitating more precise, comprehensive, and timely analysis of on-ground conditions. Among its remarkable features, the WorldView Legion will enable up to 15 revisits per day, effectively tripling Maxar’s capacity to capture 30 cm-class imagery. Moreover, with the highest image quality and geometric accuracy available, these satellites are poised to triple the overall capacity over high-demand areas, providing unprecedented insights into various geographical regions. Designed to be compatible with global infrastructure and access programs for Maxar customers, the WorldView Legion represents a significant leap forward in satellite imaging technology. With its spectral characteristics including Pan + 8MS and a panchromatic resolution of 30 cm-class, combined with an operational altitude of 518 km and native GSD of 1.36 m for multispectral imagery, these satellites ensure unparalleled accuracy and detail. Orbiting in a sun-synchronous and mid-inclination orbit, the WorldView Legion promises to deliver unparalleled performance, setting a new standard for satellite imaging capabilities.

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