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Maxar Introduces the MGP Pro platform

Oakar Services is excited to announce the launch of the Maxar Geospatial Platform (MGP) Pro, a cutting-edge cloud-based subscription platform offering secure and timely access to Earth Intelligence. With MGP Pro, subscribers gain unprecedented access to a broad range of imagery and geospatial data products, providing unrivalled coverage, quality, and flexibility. This premier platform offers over 3 million square kilometres of daily image collections and more than 6 billion square kilometres of archived imagery, all at up to 30 cm resolution. MGP Pro enables on-demand access to Earth Intelligence, allowing users to monitor and communicate relevant activity globally within hours of collection. With features such as Precision Mapping, Persistent Change Monitoring, and Vivid Basemaps. MGP Pro empowers users to make informed decisions, increase efficiency, and support a wide range of geospatial projects. Oakar Services is proud to partner with Maxar to bring this innovative solution to the geospatial community.

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