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Modern surveying equipment

Surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining the dimensions and contour of the Earth’s surface. This science has existed in one form or another for decades; the pyramids in Egypt and Stonehenge in England are believed to have been created with the assistance of an ancient surveyor. It is an essential element of civilized society. Working with a combination of skills derived from physics, engineering, law, and the mathematics, surveyors are well trained to accurately measure flat and three-dimensional points, as well as the distance and angles between them.

“In Africa, our SP80 is the most popular when it comes to GPS/GNSS equipment due to the fact that it is scaleable when it comes to deployment and user friendly”, adds Mr. Eric Nyadimo the Managing Director at Oakar Services Limited in Kenya.


As in most things technical, advances in technology have brought about dramatic changes in surveying. The remarkable advances have been made in techniques and systems for mapping such as laser mapping and scanning systems for topography, positioning capabilities and computer processing abilities. Read more….

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