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Simplified Publishing in GeoMedia WebMap 2018

The release of GeoMedia WebMap 2018 includes a simplified method for publishing dataThis enhancement allows GIS Administrators to publish maps on the web without having to write a single line of code. In addition, remote publishing is now possible.

Simplified and remote publishing add more tools for GIS Administrators to create and manipulate services.
Simplified Publishing allows users to deliver fully working solution from concept faster. Remote publishing allows GIS Administrators to create Services and Instances without physical access or the need to run a remote desktop session to the server machine.

The process of publishing is divided into three steps: data preparation, data publishing, and data consuming.

Data preparation includes creation of Service Sources and Service Instances. Service Sources are created by WebMap Publisher and contain metadata. Service Instances and portals are created by Administration Console and allows to display the data on the web. This article will focus on the enhancements to the publishing process.

Publishing Process

In the past, data publishing was available only using an advanced workflow which involved the creation of Service Source and Service Instance separately. Service Source was created using WebMap Publisher Administrator wizard, and Service Instance was created using Administration Console. GIS Administrator would configure Service Instance to use Service Source in Administration Console.

The advanced workflow to access data through Geospatial Server:

  1. Set up workspace in GeoMedia Desktop
  2. Create Service Source
  3. Publish data to Service Source
  4. Create Service Instance in Administration Console
  5. Configure Service Instance to use the Service Source as its configuration

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