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UT Product Suite Replaces Existing GIS Solution at City Works Kassel, Germany

Supporting different user groups in an economic way

The city works of Kassel, Germany, (Städtische Werke Netz + Service GmbH, NSG) will replace their existing GIS and will work in the future with the UT Product Suite of AED-SICAD AG. The corresponding implementation contract has been signed end of March 2017. The NSG operates the electricity and gas networks in Kassel and its surroundings and on behalf of Kasselwasser (Water Works of Kassel) the water extraction and distribution in Kassel and Vellmar, both in Germany. The company was looking for a GIS solution which is superior to the existing one in terms of functionality and cost. With the UT Product Suite they will implement a future proof system, which supports the different user groups and business processes in an optimal way and also allows an economical operation.


An important requirement is that the current business processes may not be changed significantly. At the same time, the open GIS platform shall enable new business processes and process integrations. In the future, all interfaces shall communicate only with one central system. All information regarding data management, data maintenance, planning, operation and information delivery will be collected in a central database. Furthermore, also the integration with specific IT systems is planned to reduce redundancies as much as possible. Finally, the new solution shall provide for an integrated web information system for the internal and external demands and for the integrated planning workflow.

After the introduction of the UT Product Suite, 200 web information seats, 52 mobile information seats and 10 desktop seats will be available in Kassel.

See also: https://www.aed-sicad.com/index.php/news/ut-product-suite-replaces-gis-solution-at-kassel.html

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