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Carlson Civil

Carlson Civil Suite provides fast and intuitive civil engineering design capability to visualize projects directly and work seamlessly from ground data to DESIGN production of advanced infrastructural designs.

Key features  include:

  • Surface Commands for building surfaces, contouring, volumes and pad design;
  • Grading with computation of volumes between triangulation or grid surfaces, Pad design, Cut/Fill colour Maps with labels;
  • Sections and centerlines to allow creation of centerlines, offsets, quick sections, draw section in vertical stack or sheets, Sections to 3D to allow for creation of points and 3D polylines from sections, mass haul diagrams and section volumes;
  • Road design with use of template design, defining transition for templates and super elevation, Road Network with dynamic road design using intersection and Cul de sac; and
  • Area/Layout tools to allow for automatic sub-division of land parcels, size areas, LOT Network and LOT Manager, offsets, intersections and cul de sacs.

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