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Carlson Point Cloud - Oakar Services Limited : Oakar Services Limited
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Carlson Point Cloud

Carlson Point Cloud is a modular program that provides the ability to go from field scan to finished plat. It delivers powerful automation for large datasets, you can view and process up to 1 billion points all with Carlson ease-of-use. Key features include:

  • Snap to edges and code description for automated field-to-finish processing of line works and symbols;
  • Create contours, profiles, sections and break lines from within the point cloud;
  • Extract bare Earth to remove landscape, utilities and other non-surface features for a clean surface;
  • Data Extraction: 3D data extraction of poles, trees and hydrants. Extract data from clouds or meshes, TINs, Contours, Profiles, Sections and Break lines; and
  • Generate Profile and sections: Trace an alignment across the site and generate profile or sections.