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It is a platform for creating geospatial apps for an organization, stores your imagery, vector and point clouds, workflows, analytics, queries and all accessible in one place. M.App Enterprise delivers privately hosted solution for organizations that want to realize the value of a Smart M.App deployment, but stay within the confines of their enterprise network. Moreover, this enable users to access Smart M.Apps anywhere within your organization’s network for real-time answers.


  • Build thin-client, web-based, or mobile apps: Use tools that incorporate the core components of vector, 3D, point clouds, and analytics to create focused apps. Create a desktop-like application, browser app or mobile app to provide the best tool based on user requirements. You can also customize off-the-shelf apps if needed by using APIs or SDKs and Integrate the apps with your existing enterprise.
  • Configure business workflows: Create typical workflows that are run day-to-day in the enterprise environment. You can also implement highly configurable rules for life-cycle workflows, feature-level access control, data validation and behavior, and integration into other systems.
  • Connect to any spatial data source: Because M.App Enterprise is data agnostic, you can connect to any spatial data source to leverage your existing geospatial data. You can simply drag-and-drop to configure legends, print layouts, and all other necessary components based on the type of application you want to create.
  • Administer role based access: Users can easily see and access apps assigned to them. User management is available out of the box, or can integrate with your existing authentication system.

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