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M.App Analyzer Suite combines the following Hexagon Smart M.Apps into one family:

Incident Analyzer, Area Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Analyzer Viewer, and Feature Analyzer for M.App Enterprise.

With the three Analyzers, you can interactively explore your point, line, and area-based data in a map where you can identify patterns to see where problems are occurring. You can use that information to create and share reports to help your teams plan the best course of action.

Types of Analyzers

Incident Analyzer
Use position, frequency, and temporal characteristics within point data to help customers locate spikes in occurrences.

incident analyzer

Area Analyzer
Use polygon and attribute data to help customers explore how measures, such as population density, vary within an area.

area analyzer

Network Analyzer
Use linear networks to create thematic maps to help customers understand the nuances and anomalies within a network.

network analyzer

Analyzer Viewer
Analyzer Viewer offers an effective way to provide individuals within your organization access to reports created with Incident Analyzer, Area Analyzer and Network Analyzer.

Analyzer Public
Analyzer Public provides a simple and effective way to share your Incident Analyzer, Area Analyzer and Network Analyzer reports with individuals outside your organization using publicly accessible websites.

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