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M.App Chest is the hub central place where Smart M.App data is stored. It allows users to easily upload, store, compress large data files and disseminate their data/information within and around the world anytime. The data is securely shared with easy via the popular web services.



Your geospatial data is an expensive investment, and you want to be sure it’s housed it in a reliable, accessible and cost-effective way. M.App Chest provides a secure, flexible, and safe solution for hosting and accessing your data worldwide with the following features;

  • Support various data format: Stores a wide variety of point cloud and raster imagery formats, various protocols and coordinate systems.
  • Large storage space: Provide large storage space for geospatial sources with a limit of up to 100 TB.
  • Lightning-fast delivery: Get your data (almost) instantly with industry-leading geospatial serving technology.
  • Store, search, deliver: Rich metadata ensures that you can search and find the data you need.
  • Easy access: Provides easy access to data through streaming, download, web service, transform, and tile cache options.
  • Resilient and safe: Ensure the long-term safety of your investment with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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