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M.App Studio is an interactive web-based  workroom for designing, building and publishing Smart M.Apps.  M.App Studio is used by Hexagon Geospatial development partners and geospatial entrepreneurs who wish to develop Hexagon Smart M.Apps with or without programming skills, it is used to fuse dynamic content with purpose-built analytics to provide insightful information services.

It has the following features and benefits:


  • Multi source data: it provides access to the current and global data users might need to provide the answers that drive business.
  • Sophisticated analytics: Enables robust analytics presented through intelligent business graphics, to deliver meaningful business insights.
  • Share your experience: Access your Hexagon Smart M.App anywhere, anytime and on any device through the M.App Exchange.
  • Rapid prototyping: Interactively construct new solutions for customers in a truly agile environment


  • Dynamic geospatial solutions: Develop modern and specialized geospatial solutions to solve location-based business problems.
  • Shorten your time to market: Quickly construct a powerful workflow by leveraging decades of intellectual property in an intuitive framework.
  • Deliver information, not data: While others are delivering static maps, deliver current, real world answers needed to drive business decisions.
  • Market your solutions in a global marketplace: The M.App Exchange provides a store front to showcase your solutions and transact business with a worldwide community.

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