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M.App X is part of the Hexagon Smart M.App Platform and provides tools to create and take advantage of imagery-derived information and reports. M.App X is a powerful enterprise image exploitation system that makes image analysis simple and provides GIS tools through a browser. All users can create geospatial visuals and share dynamic information services using the rich web-based client application.

Built on decades of experience in providing image analysis capabilities, M.App X also contains industry-specific tools and workflows for the GEOINT community and security organizations. M.App X offers simplified data access, defense workflows and on-premises private or public cloud hosting to provide centralized and secure storage and computation.

In the latest release of M.App X 16.6, performance was significantly improved by replacing and enhancing the core OpenLayers mapping technology with LuciadRIA, introducing a common architecture across product lines.

3D capabilities are now available using terrain supplied by the LuciadFusion Server. Now, one map can operate in both 2D and 3D display mode. Users can easily switch between Map Space, Image Space and 3D maps for in-depth analysis.

There is a new floating toolbar to control the operation of pattern roaming where the roam rate is controlled in pixels per second. A “Return to Path” button was added to return the View Extent to the path if roaming is paused by the user and the extent is moved off the path. The floating toolbar remains centered in the view until closed by the user.

Finally, workflows have been streamlined to improve productivity. Among the improvements are easy display mode adjustment, simplified tool navigation with the new NavBar and better use of space in the GUI, including enhanced panels and shoebox windows.

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