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GeoMedia WebMap Mobile


Mobile MapWorks is a tablet and mobile-based app that enables organizations to connect to and update Enterprise GIS data from the field. Downloadable as an iOS and Android app, it provides quick navigation and map display with precise indication of GPS position. Field personnel can use Mobile MapWorks to view and edit feature attributes or make simple changes to feature geometry given reference data overlays.


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GeoMedia WebMap Mobile is a mobile-device-based application for field inspectors or field crews who need access to their organizations’ GIS. It provides online mode as well as offline mode capabilities that allow display and modification of data in areas without online accesses to the database. GeoMedia WebMap Mobile can be used for all types of field and site inspection workflows, such as pole or vegetation inspection for utilities or public works, traffic light and bridge inspection for transportation authorities, and cell or mobile tower site inspection for communications companies. GeoMedia WebMap Mobile enables you to directly see, edit, validate, and update your enterprise GIS data from the field in real time.

Key functionalities of GeoMedia WebMap Mobile include:

  • Real-time data capture and synchronization with a GIS database.
  • Seamless data capture even in areas with little or no internet connection.
  • Configurable to use custom and consumer basemap.
  • Works with all OGC compliant GIS platforms.

To request a product demo, contact sales@osl.co.ke

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