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Geospatial Portal

Geospatial Portal is a browser-based, multilingual web application that can be used for finding, viewing, querying, analyzing and consuming geospatial data and web services published by other Hexagon Geospatial solutions or third-party products. It offers advanced client-side discovery, connection, and interaction through a simple client geo-browser that provides an intuitive and attractive user experience. In addition, Geospatial Portal integrates multiple sources into a single 2D or 3D map view that can be easily navigated.

Some of the key functionalities include:

  • Powering the next generation of web applications, providing a far wider community with simple and interactive access to geospatial information using open web services.
  • Simplifying the process of finding, connecting to, and displaying spatial data published through web services and provides a modern and attractive user experience.
  • To better visualize your data in a real-world context and see it from a new perspective, Geospatial Portal provides a modern 3D view based on myVR technology.
  • Organizations with Geospatial Portal can create easy-to-use consumer websites based on the most recent technology stack that also supports mobile devices.

For more details, Download Geospatial Portal Brochure

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