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Extract Actionable Information From Your Imagery

ERDAS IMAGINE is the world’s leading geospatial data authoring software that incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis, remote sensing, and GIS capabilities into a single powerful, convenient package. ERDAS IMAGINE performs advanced remote sensing analysis and spatial modeling to create new information from imagery. In addition, ERDAS IMAGINE enables users to easily create value-added products such as 2D and 3D images, 3D flythrough movies and cartographic-quality map compositions from geospatial data.

Featuring a ribbon interface and custom workflow tabs so you can consolidate your favorite tools, ERDAS IMAGINE makes it easier to access what you need to work efficiently and productively. ERDAS IMAGINE also provides advanced tools for parallel batch processing, spatial modeling, map production, mosaicking, and change detection. In addition, ERDAS IMAGINE also incorporates the ERDAS ER Mapper algorithms, many GeoMedia utilities, and implements OGC standards.


Key Benefits

  1. Consolidated Workflow: ERDAS IMAGINE Integrates multiple geospatial technologies, intuitively guiding a user through their experience with powerful tools and functionality.
  2. Seamless: ERDAS IMAGINE simplifies classification, orthorectification, mosaicking, reprojection, and image interpretation while maintaining the integrity of the geospatial data you need for updating your GIS in multiple formats.
  3. Versatile: ERDAS IMAGINE supports enterprise-enabled geospatial image processing that utilizes a centralized relational database to store geospatial information. This provides enormous benefit to an institution, making data visible and accessible to end users through data management solutions such as ERDAS APOLLO.
  4. Smarter Processing: ERDAS IMAGINE simplifies the creation of informative data analysis, including Python scripting, export to OGC WPS, and custom modelling commands.

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