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Stereo Viewing for MicroStation

Pro 600 puts flexible, easy-to-learn Bentley Microstation-based tools in your hands for large-scale digital mapping using stereo imagery, including signs, symbols, colors, line thickness, user defined line types and forms. PRO600 also includes terrain oriented tools for projects that require both feature and terrain data.

Based on the stereo viewing technology from the IMAGINE Photogrammetry platform, you can expect this seamless, accurate stereo environment embedded in PRO600, as well as;

  • Product Integration: Display and link your data in both Intergraph and Bentley viewers.
  • Easy-To-Use Tool Set: Save time patterning, hatching, presenting and more.
  • Extensive Feature Coding: Select from a huge library of feature codes.

For more details, Download PRO600 Product Brochure

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