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Producer Online

On-Demand Access to World-Class Remote Sensing and GIS Software

Hexagon Geospatial’s Producer Online Suite is an intelligent authoring suite designed to fulfill all your geospatial production business needs.

The features and benefits include;

ERDAS IMAGINE on the Cloud

A powerful authoring platform to turn your geospatial data into actionable information. A proven leader in Remote Sensing, Radar & Point Cloud Analysis.
  • Integrated Environment : ERDAS IMAGINE provides a single integrated environment for remote sensing and photogrammetry.
  • Easily Extend Remote Sensing Workflows : Create your own unique operations with custom spatial models.
  • Point Cloud Streaming: Point clouds are large and are often used for visual inspection and measurement. Store the point cloud remotely on a server to avoid copy time and storage requirements without losing the ability to seamlessly roam, inspect, and make measurements on these massive datasets.
  • Change Detection: Optimized object-based parcel change detection.
  • Volume Workflows: Easy to use graphical volume calculation tools and spatial model operators allow you to fully leverage the information in your points clouds.
  • Preview and Open Raster Files as an Image Chain:Switch seamlessly between display modes like multispectral, panchromatic, or relief for an open image or preview

GeoMedia Desktop on the Cloud

GeoMedia is a flexible and dynamic solution for creating, updating, managing and analyzing an organization’s valuable geospatial information. Highly specialized functionality makes it ideal for extracting information from an array of ever-changing data.

Extract Business Graphics from Your GIS

  •  Gain deeper insights from sophisticated analyses in GeoMedia by presenting the results summarized as pie charts and bar graphs

More GIS, Less Challenge

  • Improved ERDAS APOLLO interface
  • Enhanced table interface/data view
  • Better feature placement, centering and navigation
  • Performance improvements when working with WMS data
  • Save time by reusing label definitions across map views and workspaces

Utilize an Even Wider Range of Data Connections

  • Native SQL Server Spatial connection
  • Support for multiple datums
  • New export to FGDB capability

Increase Productivity Through Easy Customization

  • More tools for customizing your geospatial applications lead to less distraction, more focus and greater productivity

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