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GeoMedia Online

Analyze and Extract Compelling Intelligence from Your Geospatial Data

GeoMedia Online is part of Hexagon Geospatial Producer Online Suite. GeoMedia is a flexible and dynamic solution for creating, updating, managing and analyzing an organization’s valuable geospatial information. Highly specialized functionality makes it ideal for extracting information from an array of ever-changing data.

Some of the features and benefits include;

Extract Business Graphics from Your GIS

Gain deeper insights from sophisticated analyses in GeoMedia by presenting the results summarized as pie charts and bar graphs.

These types of illustrations extract information from rich GIS data and efficiently communicate relevant business knowledge, conveying greater visibility and understanding.

More GIS, Less Challenge

GeoMedia simplifies GIS operations with enhanced tools and interfaces.

Enhancements Include:

  •  Improved ERDAS APOLLO Interface
  •  Improved table interface/data view
  •  Improved feature placement, centering and navigation
  •  Performance improvements when working with WMS data
  •  Save time by reusing label definitions across map views and workspaces.

Utilize an Even Wider Range of Data Sources

Include even more diverse datasets in your GIS analysis.

New features :

  •  Native SQL Server spatial connection
  • Support for multiple datums
  •  New export to FGDB capability

Increase Productivity Through Easy Customization

More tools for customizing your geospatial applications lead to less distraction, more focus, and greater productivity.

Customize for Your Workflow

  •  New APIs for loading the ribbon bar and enabling commands
  • Add custom construction aids