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ECW Products

Compress and deliver imagery and point cloud data with high performance


ECW technology provides exceptional compression, capable of reducing terabyte-sized files to five percent of their original size, while retaining the image’s full visual quality. As well as delivering lightning-fast display performance, this optimized compression technology also enables faster processing and transfer of imagery throughout an organization, reducing overall data duplication and storage costs.


  • Shrink Big Data – Preserve critical information while saving space with simple, cost-effective and powerful compression for both imagery and point cloud data.
  • Rapid Generation & Delivery – Create ECW files faster than 78MB per second, with delivery benchmarked as the industry’s fastest.
  • Tremendous Disk Space Savings – ECW can compress imagery to 5% to 10% of the original size, while remaining visually lossless.

For more details,  Download ECW and ECWP Brochure

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