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ERDAS Apollo

Comprehensive Data Management and Delivery

ERDAS APOLLO is an enterprise-class, comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system enabling an organization to catalog, search, discover, process, and securely disseminate massive volumes of both file-based and web-enabled data. Complete with a variety of delivery options, ERDAS APOLLO consistently delivers geospatial data faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products. Implementing an out-of-the-box, service-oriented architecture (SOA), ERDAS APOLLO can be customized and extended to satisfy both your geospatial and business process requirements.

Key Benefits

  1. Fastest Server: Distribute massive amounts of imagery to thousands of users from a single server with enhanced performance.
  2. Catalog ALL of Your Data: Save time by centralizing all of your disparate data – including business documents – into one single, searchable catalog.
  3. Server-Side Geoprocessing: ERDAS APOLLO empowers many more end users from organizations to create value-added data products by themselves, with no need to learn new software.
  4. Completely Interoperable: ERDAS APOLLO embraces OGC services as a primary, native implementation for accessing data. This ensures the greatest interoperability and flexibility when combining ERDAS APOLLO into your current workflows.
  5. Unprecedented Delivery Options: ERDAS APOLLO provides the greatest flexibility for geospatial data delivery, enabling dissemination into any client, on any device.
  6. Leverages existing enterprise systems: ERDAS APOLLO is a highly flexible solution, easily integrating with other GIS environments. It leverages existing business systems, such as Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases, for persisting intelligent metadata and application specific information.

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