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M10T has the best specifications, stable performance, and affordable cost. AR camera function us the high-end receive configuration, 5W internal radio makes the field working more convenient with no need for an external radio to reach 20KM distance. IMU tilt WEB UI and VPN function offers unparalleled accuracy and enjoyment for surveyors.

Key Features

  • Supper Tracking Capacity

1408 channels full-frequency RTK engine and full-star RTK technology. Can against most of the complex conditions.

  • Robustness & Durability

IP 68 protection level, with over 30 times 2 meter fall testing and water immerse inspection, it’s a Seamless design to protect in cruel field working.

  • VPN advanced function

To reduce the inconvenience and improve our distributor’s Work efficiency, this function highly removes the anxiety from surveyors, The Manufacturer can still remote and access in receiver anywhere to check the receiver status after making the VPN setting.

  • AR stakeout

Immersive AR visual stakeout to vividly display ground stakeout points in the software improves the working efficiency.

  • 4th generation IMU sensor

The newest IMU sensor makes the Tilt working more convenient, it eliminates the loss of Inertial-Measurement-Usable Status in most scenarios, no need for frequency to shake the carbon pole.

  • Reliable Precision

Support the full-frequency film RTK positioning solution. The embedded multi-frequency point anti-interference technology. Significantly improved the initialization speed, measurement accuracy, and reliability in the complex environment

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