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Agrowtech is an innovative solution developed by Oakar Services that harnesses the power of the Open Data Cube (ODC) platform for rapid analysis of satellite imagery. ODC is an open-source solution backed by a multitude of Python libraries, primarily built for analyzing temporally-rich satellite data. Agrowtech empowers users to analyze satellite data efficiently, calculate vegetation indices, and perform crop monitoring for enhanced agricultural management.

Key Features:

  • Crop Identification: Agrowtech offers an end-to-end framework for crop type mapping, facilitating data collection, model development, and production of thematic maps. Users can import imagery and training data, extract vegetation indices, prepare and train the model, validate its performance, and perform crop identification.
  • Crop Monitoring: The crop monitoring module utilizes satellite imagery to measure plant health over time, identifying changes in growth patterns between similar fields. The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) estimates green density on land, enabling users to track crop health and growth. Comparing NDVI of different areas helps identify anomalies in growth patterns.
  • Yield Estimation: Agrowtech enables users to estimate crop yield potential based on real-time satellite data, providing valuable insights for agricultural planning and risk assessment.


  • Timely and Objective Risk Assessment: Agrowtech utilizes real-time satellite data for assessing crop health, yield potential, and environmental risks objectively, enabling informed decision-making in agriculture.
  • Accurate Damage Estimation: Remote sensing data enhances precision in estimating crop damages caused by weather events or natural disasters, facilitating effective response and mitigation strategies.
  • Data and Information Sharing: The solution’s dissemination capabilities enable fast and efficient sharing of analysed data with stakeholders and decision-makers, promoting collaboration and informed decision-making in agricultural management.

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