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Utility Manager

Utility Manager is an end-to-end solution developed by Oakar Services that simplifies utility business operations by improving efficiency through automation. Utility Manager provides critical information about a utility network by offering functionalities for data collection/update, NRW Management, Meter Reading, and Revenue Management.

Utility Manager delivers a platform that is used to document, map, and analyze customers and assets, and which uses location intelligence as a source for providing visualization insights, advanced analytics, and data sharing. Utility Manager comprises of a geo-database, a mobile application, and a web-based application.


Key Features

  • Simplified and Automated Data Collection and Update: Utility Manager™ features a simple and easy-to-use mobile application for field personnel to collect and update utility data in a synchronized manner. The app supports interactive collection of point, polygon, and line features, facilitating mapping of all utility assets.
  • Efficient Meter Reading Operations: The mobile application streamlines meter reading operations by providing meter readers with secure login and authentication, access to assigned meters, and real-time monitoring of progress. Readings are sent directly to the GIS database, integrated with the billing system for dynamic invoice creation.
  • Non-Revenue Water Management: Utility Manager™ Incident Reporter enables citizens to report incidents such as pipe leaks, sewer bursts, illegal connections, and supply failures via an easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Incident Analysis Dashboard: The solution includes an analytics dashboard for managing and monitoring reported incidences, assigning actions, and providing aggregated insights that are powered by location intelligence.
  • Visualization of the Utility Network: The web client provides an interactive interface for visualizing and locating all mapped assets including the water network and the sewer network. Utility Manager™ styles and represents utility data effectively, ensuring the view is up-to-date and correct in near real-time.
  • GIS and Billing Integration: Utility Manager™ is integrated with the billing system/software, facilitating fast, effective, and efficient meter reading and billing procedures. The web client includes dynamic charts for visualizing revenue collected versus expected revenue and individual payment status of customers.


  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Automate water operations from data acquisition to policy-making, eliminating manual methods and paperwork.
  • Enhanced Revenue Collection: Streamline meter reading operations to shorten cycles, enhance meter reader efficiency, and improve revenue collection.
  • Effective Incident Management: Facilitate crowd-sourcing of incident reporting for timely response and resolution, improving community engagement and service delivery.
  • Accurate Asset Mapping: Visualize and locate all mapped assets in near real-time, enabling efficient management of the utility network.
  • Integration with Billing Systems: Integrate location intelligence in revenue collection, assess payment status, and develop strategies to reduce non-revenue water.

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