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Poimapper allows office based and mobile users to collect, share, and visualize geographically tagged data in real-time. The key modules within Poimapper are:

  • Mobile application
  • Data Management Portal (Form builder, Web service interface, User administration, Quality assurance and Data viewer.)

Mobile application

The Mobile application, available for Android, iOS and feature phones, is designed to support sometimes-connected situations with offline and online support for the viewing and collection of data.

Data Management Portal

Form builder is a web-based tool for simply creating complex forms that support many different data types and nested questions. Bring your data collection to life with the option to attach images to specific fields or to the form itself. Your newly created form is assigned it’s own secure and scalable online database for easy reporting and interoperability with your existing systems through the Web service interface.

Poimapper Benefits

  • Strength through flexibility: Poimapper allows for a broad range of data gathering and delivery options. Input text and image data and combine it with geographic point of interest locations (POI). Define a custom hierarchy. Data is automatically combined into a database accessible through a map interface. How you package the data via input is up to you. The application runs on a broad range of mobile devices, so whatever devices your teams are using, Poimapper can be added as a tool.
  • Everything is synchronized: Your people in the field can sync, upload, and access data through their mobiles and collaborate in a new way. Poimapper allows you to flexibly setup your database for synchronization, sharing the total pooled data among devices. This is a unique feature that helps in not only in gathering data and delivering it from remote locations, but also accessing this data as needed offsite. With network access all users in group have the latest version possible. When mobile users are without internet access, the application defaults to the last synchronized database version on the device.
  • Location is collected: The attachment of location specific point of interest information to data is at the core of our service concept. This allows for a greater accuracy in site definition for inspections, the ability to re-examine exact locations, pinpointing exactly where data was gathered, and geographical analysis and categorization of collected data. Our portal solution allows for creation of analysis reports and real-time map based visualization of data.
  • Easy to use: Poimapper is a cloud based service with all interface components accessible for users across common browsers. Questionnaires and data input forms can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization, using predesigned interface elements. User data access can be configured to needs. Databases can be transferred from the cloud to a specific location if your implementation requires this.

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