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Maxar is the world’s leading provider of high-resolution Earth imagery, data and analysis. With the most sophisticated commercial satellite constellation in orbit, we create the world’s smartest images – giving customers the confidence to make the decisions that matter most.

Customers everywhere rely on Maxar’s best-in-class technology, global coverage and 16-year time-lapse image library to provide accurate, mission-critical information about the changing planet.

By helping our customers solve their most difficult challenges, Maxar has become the trusted partner of dozens of industries worldwide – from environmental monitoring and mapmaking to defense and public safety. Some of the qualities of Maxar Imagery include:

  • Sharpest Resolution: Maxar is the first and only company to deliver true 30cm resolution imagery. Clearer images empower better decisions;
  • Largest Collection Capacity: Maxar’s satellites collect over three million square kilometers a day, giving you access to all parts of the globe;
  • Unsurpassed Haze Penetration: Maxar’s technology can see through smoke and haze so you can clearly detect objects on the other side;
  • Broadest Spectral Diversity: Maxar’s multispectral and super spectral give you the most feature identification opportunities;
  • Frequent Revisit Rate: Maxar’s satellites revisit at a high rate, so you can detect changes over extremely short periods of time;
  • Best Locational Accuracy: Industry-leading accuracy standards help create maps that inspire confidence;
  • Largest Historical Library: Maxar’s 16-year image library has unmatched spatial resolution and global coverage; and
  • Unique Cloud Solutions: The greatest Earth imagery library is accessible through the industry’s most powerful cloud-based services.

The different imagery products provided by Maxar include;

For more information visit https://www.maxar.com/

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