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Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery provides foundational context and visualization of ground conditions, empowering organizations to make critical, time-sensitive decisions. Emerging remote sensing technologies continue to broaden the capabilities of imaging satellites, providing more types of data at global scale.


Maxar is the first company to deliver native 30 cm resolution imagery in addition to 50cm resolution imagery, delivering clearer, richer images that empower better decision making through improved situational awareness.


Our advanced accuracy technology ensures content from Maxar is as closely aligned as possible to a known coordinate on Earth. The average positional accuracy of our imagery is less than 5m CE90.

Spectral bands

Go beyond what’s visible to the naked eye with multispectral imagery, including short-wave infrared (SWIR). Classify vegetation health, categorize man-made and natural material, penetrate smoke, detect fire, map minerals and more.

A digital time machine

Access our 100+ petabyte image archive, offering historical context and change over time at global scale.

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