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A SecureWatch subscription gives you on-demand access to the world’s most recent, highest-resolution satellite imagery and geospatial data. With flexible access options including online streaming and download, API, and integrations with Esri ArcGIS, SecureWatch is designed to make imagery accessible to anyone who needs it, whether you’re interested in a specific area or monitoring the entire globe.

SecureWatch offers:

  • Global coverage

With no geographical restrictions, you define your areas of interest from global coverage, which includes more than 6,000 metropolitan areas in 30 cm resolution.

  • Premium imagery

More than 125 petabytes of the highest quality imagery—including up to 30 cm resolution and 4 m CE90 accuracy.

  • Rapid refresh

More than 3 million sq km of new imagery added every day, over the areas that matter most

  • Customized flexibility

Simple APIs, OGC streaming services, web interface and GIS integrations via convenient subscription options

For more information, please visit: https://www.maxar.com/products/securewatch

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