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Maxar goes deeper into the infrared spectrum than any other very high-resolution commercial imagery provider to help remote sensing experts unlock critical information through advanced analytic capabilities. Data-rich short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery is ideal for categorizing man-made and natural material, penetrating smoke, detecting fire, mapping minerals, and more.

Highest resolution SWIR data

At 3.7m resolution, Maxar SWIR imagery provides 16 times the spatial information content compared to SWIR data available from ASTER and Landsat 8 satellites. Higher resolution equals better context, more pure spectra, and higher confidence for interpretation and decision-making using satellite imagery.

Identify man-made or geological material

Locate and classify man-made materials (metals, plastics, paints, fiberglass, asphalt, oil and various chemicals) and geologic minerals (clays, alteration, iron oxides, carbonates, and others) on the Earth’s surface. Material identification at this resolution enables high-confidence decision-making with information not available from any other satellite imaging company.

See through smoke and haze

Get a clear view of the ground with SWIR wavelengths that penetrate smoke and haze, so you can make decisions with confidence in heat-of-the-moment situations.

Locate moisture on the surface

Identify water bodies, analyze crop health and assess transportation logistics with SWIR combinations that highlight soil moisture content.

Detect heat

Identify wildfire hotspots on the ground during a fire, monitor geological events like a volcanic eruptions, and identify of heat produced by factory machinery or other man-made activities by detecting high-heat thermal emissions with SWIR imagery.

Most valuable SWIR wavelengths

With 165 unique SWIR band combinations targeted at identifying material signatures, and nearly eight times that when adding other sensors, WorldView-3 SWIR imagery features spectral signatures that lead to solutions to a growing set of real-world problems.

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