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Planet Monitoring

Global Monitoring, Daily Insight

Get a continuous view of your areas of interest to discover patterns, detect early signals of change, and make timely, informed decisions. With 150+ satellites in orbit, Planet is able to scan the globe, imaging the entirety of the Earth’s landmass every day.

Real-Time Analysis with Planet Monitoring

Increase transparency, get historical context, identify change, and intervene quickly with the most up-to-date imagery over your areas of interest.

  • Access new imagery on a daily basis
  • Analyze deep stacks of imagery with Planet’s growing archive back to 2009
  • Monitor change broadly to task high-resolution SkySat imagery for detail

Video showing monitoring: https://storage.googleapis.com/planet-videos/Russia_video_1080p.mp4

For more details, please visit https://www.planet.com/products/monitoring/

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