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Planet Monitoring

Planet Monitoring is a customizable, subscription-based program that gives decision makers in any industry the timely imagery they need to make smarter decisions. Whether you’re into environmental management, resource management, defense and intelligence, market intelligence, or emergency management, we’ve got you covered.

Different monitoring options include:

  1. Targeted Monitoring: Ideal for energy, mining, finance, critical infrastructure for power or transport, monitor many areas of interests simultaneously.
  2. Sub-national Monitoring: Persistent monitoring for sub-national government organizations. Get frequent visibility into key areas of interest at a regional scale.
  3. Broad Area Monitoring: Monitor broad areas such as agricultural land and forests to coastlines or wetlands at the frequency you need.
  4. National & International Monitoring: Get frequent visibility into key areas of interest at a national or global scale. Solutions for civil and federal government departments, defense and intelligence.

For more information, please visit: https://www.planet.com/products/monitoring/

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