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SP100 GNSSS Receiver

The Spectra Geospatial® SP100 GNSS receiver is everything you need for surveying. The SP100 gets field work done faster with precise, IMU-based tilt compensation. Combined with Origin field software and Survey Office software, the SP100 helps you handle any surveying project quickly and cost-efficiently.

Key features:

  • Optimal productivity and safety: Get more done faster and safer
    • With its highly efficient tilted measurement capability, the SP100 automatically compensates to provide high-quality positions—no need to level.
    • Easily capture hard-to-reach points from building corners and fence lines to river boundaries. Remove all without ever having to level.
    • Survey with complete safety as the IMU-tilt compensation allows you to work on roads and monitor traffic simultaneously.
  • Peak performance: High precision wherever your work takes you
    • Continue to work with high accuracy anywhere your work takes you–in the city or near trees—thanks to the enhanced Z-Blade™ GNSS engine, triple frequency GNSS, built-in ionospheric error mitigation, and compatibility with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX correction service
  • Enhanced resistance: Built for challenging environments
    • With a compact, ultra-rugged design, the SP100 is built to withstand challenging physical conditions, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even in dusty, wet, salty, windy, or extremely hot or cold environments.


  • Enhanced Data Management: Streamline your data collection, validation, and visualization processes with our comprehensive solution, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your spatial data management practices.
  • Increased Efficiency: High-quality positions are obtained swiftly, significantly speeding up fieldwork.
  • Accessibility: Easily capture hard-to-reach points without the need for leveling.
  • Enhanced Safety: IMU-tilt compensation ensures safe operations on roads and other hazardous environments.
  • High Precision Anywhere: Reliable accuracy in urban areas, under tree canopies, and other challenging environments.
  • Consistent Performance: Durable design ensures uninterrupted functionality in harsh conditions.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Frequent updates and reduced tasking costs improve efficiency.
  • Flexibility: No geographical or concurrent user restrictions, providing broad accessibility.
  • Comprehensive Data Access: Leverage Maxar’s extensive image archive and access the needed information on-demand.
  • Improved Decision Making: High-quality data and persistent monitoring enable timely, informed decisions.

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