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SP60 GNSS Receiver

The Spectra Precision SP60 is a new generation GNSS receiver that can respond to any type of GIS or surveying job starting with two GIS configurations to a simple L1 GPS only post-processing solution, all the way up to dual-frequency GNSS network RTK rover. Also, the L-band capable GNSS antenna delivers Trimble RTX positioning in those places where an RTK network is not available. SP60 also features optional UHF transmit radio or embedded Long Range Bluetooth that enable SP60 receiver to be used as a base and rover system. This extended flexibility allows surveyors to start with a simple solution, and through hardware and firmware upgrades, adapt the SP60 to more complex survey jobs.

Key features include:

  • Extended survey scalability;
  • New 240-channel 6G ASIC;
  • Z-Blade GNSS-centric;
  • Trimble RTX correction services capable;
  • Internal TRx UHF radio;
  • Inside-the-rod UHF antenna;
  • Long Range Bluetooth and
  • Anti-theft technology.

For more details,

Download Trimble (Spectra Precision) SP60 Brochure

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