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SP90m GNSS Reciever

Have you ever thought about being able to work anywhere, anytime? Now, there’s no limit to field work.

The Spectra Precision SP90m is a powerful, highly versatile, ultra-rugged, and reliable GNSS positioning solution for a wide variety of applications in real-time and post-processing. Adaptable to almost any specific positioning usage, the SP90m is the ideal solution for people looking for a single GNSS receiver for multiple applications.

Key features of SP90m include:

  • 480-channel ASIC;
  • Variety of integrated communications options i.e. Bluetooth, WiFi, UHF radio, 3.5G cellular modem, Ethernet and two MSS L-band channels;
  • Flexibility in usage i.e. as base station, continuously operating reference station (CORS), RTK or Trimble RTX rover, on-board machine integration and moving base;
  • Patented Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology that allows for use of all available and future planned GNSS signals optimally and equally, without preference to any particular constellation, to deliver fast and reliable RTK positions;
  • Embedded Web Server where you can access, control and monitor your receiver from any computer or smartphone connected to the Internet;
  • Ultra-rugged, weatherproof, high-impact-resistant aluminum housing for safety of your receiver during usage in all weather conditions;
  • Dual GNSS antenna inputs suitable for moving base and onboard machine integration;
  • SMS and e-mail alerts to monitor the operation of your receiver;
  • Antitheft technology to protect your receiver against theft; and
  • Trimble RTX capable.

For more details,

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