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Utility Manager

The Utility Manager is a Smart M.App application that monitors activities within a utility network and provides critical information for curbing Non-Revenue Water.

The information from this App is critical in the development of revenue collection plan, Non-revenue water management strategies and guide decision making to ensure that effective business strategies have been put in place to ensure operational efficiency in running the water utilities.

Utility Manager provides actionable information in one dashboard to support development of strategies and policies.


Figure 1: Utility Manager User Interface

Key Features

  • Utility manager can connect to multiple data sources. It can connect to enterprise-based database systems such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle Server and PostgreSQL.
  • Utility Manager manages business workflows – It synchronizes data collected in the fields automatically on the web application. This improves accuracy by reducing human error and saves on time by eliminating double entry.
  • Utility manager provides business analytics. It gives near real-time business analytics in an interactive dashboard.
  • Utility Manager is easy to use and has customizable dashboards. The dashboard and business intelligence tables and charts are customizable and easy to understand. This is because the dashboard relays actionable information rather that data.


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