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UT Product Suite

UT Product Suite is a professional product suite developed by AED-SICAD in Germany that provides solutions for the utility (water/wastewater, electricity) industry, which combines profound process and industry know-how with the strengths of the ArcGIS platform.

With UT Product Suite, utility companies have a versatile and powerful platform for all spatial processes (e.g. network documentation, meter walks, planning & design) – both within the companies themselves and with enhanced value added from services for external users.  UT is standards based and can easily be integrated with existing IT applications for billing, work order management, and network calculation and SCADA technology for distribution and outage management.


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UT is more than just a network documentation solution. The product suite is built and designed to manage your company assets through their entire life cycle. Different modules of the entire solution can be used at the different stages of the life cycle:

  • Capturing data in the field.
  • Editing, updating and creating GIS data.
  • Documenting the utility network plus related assets.
  • Viewing & analyzing the network asset data.
  • Operating the network with accurate GIS data.
  • Planning network extensions and Handling maintenance of the network.
  • Publishing and sharing GIS data through web maps.
  • Integration with other, mission-critical IT systems.

UT Architecture

UT is a professional product suite, covering the needs for mobile use of geo data, web solutions, high-end editing comfort in a desktop environment, planning solutions and integration of other IT systems (e.g. Billing, ERP, SCADA, Network Calculation). These UT Modules include:

  • Server – UT web services to access your data.
  • Integrator – Connecting with enterprise IT.
  • Full Desktop – High-end editing and analysis.
  • Smart Desktop – Asset management and mobile processes.
  • Web Clients – UT workflows for browsers and smart devices.
  • Extensions – Enabling specific utility requirements .
    • Network planning and calculation
    • Click-before-you-dig
    • Generalization and schematics
    • High-precision plotting
    • Data quality management

The UT product suite provides one certified multi-utility data model, which can be extended to your own needs due to its unique configuration possibilities.

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