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VertiGIS Product Suite

The VertiGIS Product Suite is a professional range of products, designed to address the requirements of mobile mapping, web solutions, advanced editing capabilities, planning solutions, and the seamless integration of various IT systems (e.g. ERP, SCADA, network calculation). The product suite is built and designed to provide end-to-end solutions in utilities, public sector, infrastructure and telecommunications. VertiGIS has powerful, trusted tools and viewers that extend Esri’s ArcGIS® capabilities.

VertiGIS Solutions provide the domain specific capabilities that industry customers need. Configure web GIS applications that last over time without relying upon costly custom development. No matter your industry – big or small – create the solutions you need to get the job done.

VertiGIS Networks is more than just a network documentation solution. The product suite is built and designed to manage your company assets through their entire life cycle from planning, construction and commissioning to maintenance, repair and renewal – across all domains.

Different modules of the entire solution can be used at the different stages of the life cycle:

  • Capturing data in the field.
  • Editing, updating and creating GIS data.
  • Documenting the utility network plus related assets.
  • Viewing & analyzing the network asset data.
  • Operating the network with accurate GIS data.
  • Planning network extensions and Handling maintenance of the network.
  • Publishing and sharing GIS data through web maps.
  • Integration with other, mission-critical IT systems.


The VertiGIS solutions include:

  • VertiGIS Networks
  • VertiGIS Studio
  • VertiGIS FM
  • VertiGIS Integrator – Connecting with enterprise IT.
  • Modules– Enabling specific utility requirements.
  • Network editor– Easily and efficiently document, edit and manipulate your network infrastructure
  • Network explorer- Quickly access, visualize and analyze network data, create topical evaluations and generate the reports you need — whether online or off.
  • Network simulator- Test your network plan by simulating and comparing different scenarios and set-ups.
  • Network Locator (Click Before You Dig) – Self-serve and on-demand network map generation showing users the location of buried network infrastructure.
  • Network Maintenance- Better plan for inspections, improve process documentation management, and streamline the maintenance cycle of all assets within a utility network.


VertiGIS Studio is a configuration toolbox enabling web, desktop, and mobile delivery of vertical solutions.  Vertical solutions built with Studio can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and synchronize with ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise or both.

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