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VertiGIS Networks

VertiGIS Networks is more than just a network documentation solution. The product suite is built and designed to manage your company assets through their entire life cycle from planning, construction and commissioning to maintenance, repair and renewal – across all domains.

Different modules of the entire solution can be used at the different stages of the life cycle:

  • Capturing data in the field.
  • Editing, updating, and creating GIS data.
  • Documenting the utility network plus related assets.
  • Viewing & analyzing the network asset data.
  • Operating the network with accurate GIS data.
  • Planning network extensions and Handling maintenance of the network.
  • Publishing and sharing GIS data through web maps.
  • Integration with other, mission-critical IT systems.


VertiGIS Networks modules include;

  • Network editor– Easily and efficiently document, edit and manipulate your network infrastructure
  • Network explorer– Quickly access, visualize and analyze network data, create topical evaluations and generate the reports you need — whether online or off.
  • Network simulator– Test your network plan by simulating and comparing different scenarios and set-ups.
  • Network Locator (Click Before You Dig) – Self-serve and on-demand network map generation showing users the location of buried network infrastructure.
  • Network Maintenance– Better plan for inspections, improve process documentation management, and streamline the maintenance cycle of all assets within a utility network.

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