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Equipment Renting Services

As part of our growing list of services we have now added GPS Hire. We are currently offering Garmin eTrex handheld GPS receivers as well as MobileMapper CE for hire for those who would like to consume GPS services but who do not consider it necessary to purchase the equipment.

GPS-Garmin-300x300Garmin eTrex Hand Held GPS Receiver


Garmin eTrex is the world’s smallest GPS that provides satellite navigation that you can count on. This 12 channel GPS locks onto satellites fast and stays locked on, even under extreme conditions.  A built-in antenna allows this sleek unit to slip into your hand, pack or pocket with ease.  Operations are equally easy and logical.  The eTrex is proof that GPS navigation doesn’t have to be difficult.

The minimum hire period for this GPS is 5 days.

Features of Garmin eTrex Hand Held GPS Receiver

12 Parallel Channel Receiver 10 Automatic track log
Battery Life – Up to 22 hours Proximity Waypoints
Transferable routes & tracks between PC & GPS High-contrast LCD Display with bright backlighting
500 Waypoints, with name and icons 5.4 x 2.7 cm Screen
20 Reversible Route with up to 30 waypoints each. MOB and TracBack™ Mode. 15 European languages
1,536 Tracklog Points Unit Size: 11.2 x 5.1 x 3.0 cm
2 “AA” batteries (not included) Unit Weight: 150g with batteries
Built-in antenna (no external antenna option) Waterproof to IPX7 Standards
Trip computer Lat/Long, UTM plus 7 Grid Options
Update Rate: 1 / sec continuous Accuracy: 15m – 95% typical



SP80 GNSS Receiver

The Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receiver is a powerful, rugged and easy-to-use system designed for everyday surveyors. The SP80’s Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology delivers fast and reliable GNSS positioning utilizing all available GNSS signals to produce the optimal solution even in challenging environments. GPS-only, GLONASS-only or BeiDou-only positioning modes are available when necessary.
Unique communication technologies keep the surveyor connected. Web UI access via WiFi and SMSs can be used to monitor and configure the receiver. RTK bridge can save you money as network corrections can be relayed via radio to any rover in the survey job area. Anti-theft technology protects your investment by sending emails and SMSs to alert users as well as making the receiver unusable if the SP80 base has been moved.
SP80 users remain productive in challenging situations. During RTK outages, backup RTK automatically switches to a secondary correction source so that valuable time and money in the field is not lost. The patented inside-the-rod antenna extends the RTK radio range as well as protects the antenna. Dual hotswappable batteries can be exchanged in the field for an interruption-free work day. The sunlight-readable display offers instant access to key product information to monitor and configure the receiver.




MobileMapper 50 Controller

The MobileMapper® 50 is a new generation GIS data collector running on Android which offers state of the art smartphone capabilities combined with rugged professional quality and improved GNSS performance.

MobileMapper 50 is very compact, lightweight and unique in being a professional grade data collector in a consumer smartphone form factor. This receiver is slim, highly rugged and very powerful (1.2 GHz quad core processor, 16GB memory and 5.3″ display) and also offers GNSS accurate positioning (GPS + GLO or GPS + BeiDou) as well as post processing.

MobileMapper 50 is designed for professional data collection and all-day use in the field. It features replaceable battery options (3100mAh or 4800mAh), allowing for all-day operation. It is completely rugged, IP67,  to protect against water and dust penetrating the unit, with covered ports (USB, headset, external antenna) to avoid collecting dirt, and are drop-tested to 1.2 m (4 ft).


Professionals benefit from use android OS as it is provides integration with Google applications and easy access to hundreds of thousands of applications via Google Play, the ability to perform multitasking (Android devices can run many applications, for example using Navigation software to get you to a work site, using data collection software to collect data once you arrived). The Ease of Notification, with missed calls, SMS, or email, there will be a notification on the Home Screen. And finally, the availability of so called “Widgets” on the home screen, that allow for quick information at a glance or easy access to a variety of settings and specifically for our geospatial business the possibility to use Google Maps.


Professional field users are strongly influenced by the consumer space and yet, at the same time, need to maximize operational efficiencies. With the MobileMapper 50 both requirements are addressed through full connectivity (depending on the version), superior accuracy, large memory and display all in a slim and compact design.


Nikon 1C Total Station

Nivo C Series is compact, rugged, and lightweight and is available in 1”, 2″, 3″ and 5″ models to meet specific accuracy needs. Additionally, they feature high quality Nikon optics and a dual-face display for efficient high-precision angle and distance measurements. They also support both prism-based and Reflectorless technologies that ensure fast and flexible distance measurements. All Nivo models are supported with legendary Nikon high clarity optics, allowing clearer images in bright and low light conditions, making measurements easy and reducing eye stress. Key features include:

  • Optional laser plummet;
  • Windows® CE touchscreen interface;
  • Spectra Precision® Survey Pro™ field on-board software;
  • Hot swappable batteries;
  • Cable-free Bluetooth;
  • Support for USB memory sticks, and a high-speed data transfer port;
  • Easy-to-use 2nd face keypad;
  • Prism and reflector less measurements;
  • Up to 500m reflectorless range measurements;
  • Hot swappable batteries;
  • Compact, rugged, and lightweight;
  • Cable-free Bluetooth; and
  • Optional laser plummet.

For ordering or more enquiries, call us on 254-20-2718321 / 2715276, Cell: 0721-708895644 / 0733-448255

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